about raffa
about raffa
about raffa

About our approach​

​Making the world a better place…

Raffa views every client, whether a nonprofit organization, a business, a government agency or an individual, as an invitation and opportunity to make the world a better place. We contribute to our clients’ abilities to achieve their missions and deliver their promises to the world. Our commitment to our clients’ success is the key to Raffa’s success.
From the practical back office solutions that keep nonprofit organizations compliant, effective and efficient to the deeper strategies that create sustainability, Raffa’s leading nonprofit specialists provide the financial and management expertise as well as the consulting, accounting and technology services that help our clients advance their organizational missions.
We are also keenly aware of strategic, macro-business issues and the distinct financial needs of family businesses, and bring an unmatched depth and breadth of expertise to this unique segment of the market. The professionals who manage our for-profit clients provide sophisticated tax, wealth management and estate planning services to industry leaders, individuals and families.

B Corp Certified
B Corps are certified by B Lab to meet rigorous, independent, and transparent social and environmental performance standards.