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A natural go-to partner for social entrepreneurs, Raffa blends the perfect dose of non-profit and private enterprise expertise to help mission-minded individuals accomplish their dreams, ensure tax compliance and keep the lights on besides!

We believe all great ideas deserve an opportunity to blossom. Raffa brings not only the do more entrepreneurial kindred spirit to the relationship but decades of experience to help our clients achieve their potential. We have a track record of transforming seemingly impossible areas of social change with sustainable results and know what it takes to support a visionary through the operational quagmire of moving from start up to social enterprise status.

We help social entrepreneurs to understand a business from start to finish and support them with mentoring and partnerships on their journey from concept to implementation. We’ll work with them to put things on paper to ensure they understand the financials and the tax implications of their decisions. With more established businesses, we’ll work to simplify the owner’s work handling back office functions to allow the owners to focus more on their mission and on themselves.

Social enterprises, for-benefit companies, benefit corporations, hybrid companies and not-only for profits are all new terms describing a type of for-profit company that has the goal of improving a social concern. Many people don’t understand what these entities actually do or even what they are but Raffa has been a triple bottom line social enterprise since Day One and we speak your language. You have a great business idea that also meets a social need to improve your community and maybe even the world. You need financials support and coaching or a partner to help you manage operations and scale for greater impact. No matter what stage of evolution your social business is in, if you are designed to do more then Raffa wants to help!

Let’s change the world together.

Looking back, I truly don't know where we'd be if not for your generosity and your incredibly capable and passionate staff. I've seen it firsthand, day in day out on the accounting/financial side, and can't thank you enough for playing such a crucial role in building Dog Tag to be what it is today.

Chris Yedibalian, Director of Strategy & Finance, Dog Tag Bakery

Please contact us via email or call 202.822.5000 if you have any questions about our services.