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Over the past few days, my partners and staff have spoken to many clients and friends of the firm about our merger with Marcum. And I so much appreciate the positive responses and the enthusiastic congratulations from each of you. Thank you so very much.

And while all are very positive that this alignment will only go to improve our ability to DO MORE for our clients, our employees and our community, as with any merger, there are a few with whom I have spoken that have shown honest concern about what might become of our "corporate virtue."

While, it is true that as the founder of Raffa, my beliefs were crucial in defining the social efforts of our companies, it is also true that these lifelong beliefs can simply not be changed by any one event or series of events. In addition, I have found over the years that these virtues of integrity, inclusiveness, empathy that I have worked so hard to achieve with my life and my companies have become fundamentally linked to our clients, friends and employees, making all of this impossible to unwind.

So with this in mind, please know that our efforts to promote and expand these beliefs to others will not be diminished by this merger but instead, coming to know the leadership at Marcum, I truly believe they will only be enhanced and expanded to a larger audience, And I would not have taken this road if I did not firmly believe that each of you will benefit from it.

Let's turn the page to a new chapter together and all of us at Marcum will be there with you.