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The same care and devition that Raffa bestows on the nonprofit sector is what we bring to the community of impact-oriented, value-aligned businesses and individuals we serve.

We know that business as a force for good can and should extend beyond the nonprofit and public sectors and we’re convinced that the sweet spot where nonprofit and for-profit worlds overlap, is a space where change makers and innovators can leverage the best facets of both worlds to achieve amazing success.

Are you a small, medium or large business looking for exceptionally competent and devoted partners to help you succeed?  Are you working toward a more sustainable economy – one  that is not only prosperous, but also healthy and just?

As a B-corp certified business we are part of a community that seeks to leverage business talents and assets to help communities thrive. Raffa has the ability to cover all back-office support capabilities (including human resources, cloud technologies, financial systems and accounting functionality) to free up business leaders to focus on what they do best. Our experts bring value to enterprises of all sizes and scopes, and we are able to tailor our offerings to meet the needs of small startups with visions to make a difference, to complex corporations who are impacting the region and the world.

We contribute to our clients’ abilities to achieve their missions and deliver their promises to their community, employees and stakeholders. At Raffa, we view every client, regardless of sector or industry,  as an invitation and opportunity to make the world a better place.

Contact us via email, or call (202) 822-5000 to find out how Raffa can support your business.​
Companies for Causes Founding Member
Spearheaded by Tom Raffa, CEOs of several closely-held mid-sized companies in and around D.C. have joined forces to make a collective impact on the D.C. community - far greater than any one of the firms could achieve alone.