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Social Capital Advisors ​our approach​​​​​​​

Raffa Social Capital Advisors matches social impact investors with social entrepreneurs who can successfully transform the world.

RSCA-flyer image.jpgInvestors and philanthropists are looking for new, more effective ways to fund social change. Traditional philanthropy models often fail to move the needle. More investors are looking to support companies that are designed to improve society, but they don’t know how to vet “good stories” to find potential successes. 

Our leadership team is interested in getting beyond a story to accomplish world-changing results. 

As more investors and entrepreneurs are seeking to both do well financially and do good globally, they have embraced social enterprise as a model to address chronic social challenges. Investors and philanthropists are increasingly seeking to put their funds toward social enterprise. 

To dramatically increase the success of our social entrepreneurs and achieve a return on investment, we provide a seven-step process based on 30 years of business practice and application analysis:
  1. ​Determine impact investor’s area of focus 
  2. Source applications from our network of appropriate social entrepreneurs 
  3. Match investors interests with appropriate change agents 
  4. Create a tailor made strategy for our entrepreneur to achieve full investment 
  5. Provide world class coaching/training up to one year 
  6. Provide social entrepreneurs and team stipend up to one year 
  7. Upon completion of coaching/training investors make full impact investment 
Our social entrepreneur improves our world, gets ROI and is provided with ongoing coaching to meet future challenges. 

Our team develops a custom tailored strategy to bring their concept to its greatest potential providing leadership coaches and financial advisors. Unlike previous efforts, we have a track record of transforming seemingly impossible areas of social change with sustainable results.​​
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