raffa social capital investors

Social Capital Advisors ​for investors​​​​​​​

​​We have worked with you for years – identifying good “risk” investments and delivering results. 

You want to make a difference in the world. You want to help entrepreneurs who have good ideas, the tenacity to succeed and the knowledge and connections to get things done. We are here to help – both you and our entrepreneurs.

Investors in our fund prioritize three goals:

  • ​Social change impact data that can be clearly reported out monthly
  • Entrepreneurs matched to their area of investment focus
  • World class coaching provided to ensure success​

As the field of social enterprise emerges, three large problems have been exposed and are hindering the growth of the field:
  1. ​Too often, social entrepreneurs lack the business background needed to launch a successful company and attract investors, including basic financial literacy and strategic leadership skills. This has left the field of social enterprise as a “good story,” but not a reality.
  2. Potential investors (foundations, banks, wealth management companies and philanthropists) lack a vetted process to know which social entrepreneurs deserve what funds.
  3. Deserving entrepreneurs don't know funders. 
​​To address these three problems at once and allow the social entrepreneur movement to take a giant leap forward, Raffa has developed the nation’s first vetted social entrepreneur investor matching service: Raffa Social Capital Advisors.
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