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14 Ways in Which Blockchain Could Unleash Social Impact, ProBono Australia, February 22, 2018
How technology is influencing the way social capital can move

Rubicon Global Becomes Newest Certified B Corp Unicorn after Raising $50M, The Impact Journal, February, 20, 2018
There’s money in social impact work and there are tons of possibilities to acquire funding even when you’re doing work for good

Accelerator Inspired by Pope Francis Introduces Inaugural Cohort, The Impact Journal, February 20, 2018
Faith Based investments are something Raffa SCA is able to provide

Recent M&A Transactions, The Impact Journal, February 20, 2018
Recent movement and changes in the market relating to social enterprises

ESG and Impact Investing: Do You Know the Difference? Think Advisor, February 7, 2018
There is an importance in knowing the vehicles that are driving the social good

* Nonprofit Public Policy Approach in Today's Political Climate, Recorded Webinar, May 23, 2017

​* How Progressive Nonprofits Can Navigate Conservative GOP Washington, Stanford Social Innovation Review, April 4, 2017

​Raffa's Next Steps to Help Others 'Do More'​, Raffa News Release​, May 9, 2016
Social Enterprises: The Fourth Sector​, Triple Pundit, March 3, 2016
What Impact Investors Can Learn from the Microfinance Industry​, Stanford Social Innovation Review, February 17, 2016
Impact Investing: Four Opportunities for 2016, Stanford Social Innovation Review, January 25, 2016
10 Tips That Will Help Launch Your Startup Faster, Entrepreneur, October 14, 2015
A Small Business Pitch Investors Can’t Refuse, Huffington Post, June 16, 2015
The Seven Commandments of Funding, Stanford Social Innovation Review, April 10, 2015
The Art of Startup Finance, Entrepreneurship.org
What is a program-related investment (PRI)?, Grantspace Knowledge Base
Innovation Isn’t an Idea Problem, Harvard Business Review, July 23, 2013
* The Power of a Simple and Inclusive Definition, Stanford Social Innovation Review, May 22, 2013
Social Impact Investing Will Be the New Venture Capital, Harvard Business Review, January 17, 2013

Changing the Social Sector’s Policy Pitch, Stanford Social Innovation Review, June 27, 2012
* Titanic Solutions for a Sinking World, Stanford Social Innovation Review, May 3, 2012
* Social Entrepreneurs Must Stop Throwing Starfish, Stanford Social Innovation Review, March 20, 2012
* True Leadership Means Wrestling Away the Steering Wheel, Stanford Social Innovation Review, January 10, 2012
* Justice Begins within the Social Entrepreneur Organization, Stanford Social Innovation Review, November 2, 2011
* Social Entrepreneurs Must Achieve Not Survive, Stanford Social Innovation Review, September 15, 2011
* Becoming the Sustainability We Seek​, Stanford Social Innovation Review, July 8, 2011
The 18 Mistakes That Kill Startups, Paul Graham, October 2006
* Written by a member of the Raffa Social Capital Advisors team